why i hate winter

There are many reasons why I hate winter, and pretty much all of them have happened over the past week.

First, I hate snow. HATE it. This past weekend, it snowed about 2 feet in about a day and a half. Saturday I had to shovel my way out of my apartment, only to wade through nearly knee deep snow, only to spend an hour clearing off and shoveling out my car. I slowly made my way through the unplowed streets to find a spot to park so my parking spot could be cleared. Then I bravely made my way back to my spot to sit for another night. When I woke up Sunday morning and looked outside, I couldn’t even tell that I had shoveled anything the day before. I again shoveled my way out of my apartment, waded through snow past my knees, and spent an hour shoveling out my car AGAIN. I then spent the rest of the day in bed because my back hurt too bad to move or stand up.

Second, I hate driving in the snow. After the monster blizzard over the weekend, it took forever to get the roads plowed, and they still have snow all over them. So I skid around and slide all over. It’s pretty fun.

Third, I hate cold. A couple mornings this week it’s been about -15 when I’ve been leaving for work. Those days it’s barely managed to get above 0 for the high temp. When it’s that cold I can’t breathe and I have no motivation to go anywhere. So basically every day this week I woke up, in my cocoon of blankets, and wished that I could stay there. But instead, I cautiously pull back the blankets and just cringe at how cold it is. And I haven’t even made it outside yet. 😦

Winter is basically useless and always ruins everything and makes everyone miserable. Yeah, ok, I like to play in the snow occasionally, and I like skiing, sledding, and tubing, but I’d live if I never did those things again. I always say that I love Fall, and Fall wouldn’t be so great without Winter coming after it, but after this week, I’m starting to think I could handle living somewhere that’s always moderately warm and never gets snow. Hopefully we’ll get lucky and all the snow will melt right after Christmas and it won’t snow again until next winter. I won’t hold my breath though.


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