Little Pieces of Home

Since I moved a year ago, it hasn’t been a secret that I get homesick a lot. In the first few months, I drove up to see my friends and hang out at our usual spots a lot. As we all got busier, and as I became more comfortable in my new home, the visits became less frequent. Since the other weekend when the weather trapped me here and ruined my plans, I’ve been thinking more and more about how much I miss it.

Although my town isn’t lacking bars, it is lacking my favorites. Nothing beats dancing it out at Shenans after a long week – getting inappropriately rubbed up against (usually by creepers), getting spilled all over, and watching random strangers go at it on the dance floor. Ok, ok, it doesn’t sound awesome, but it’s home.

The other weekend, I got a little taste of home that made my heart happy. A few of us were out and wound up at a bar (in Wisconsin, of course, as most good things are). For the first hour or so it was pretty slow, just people singing karaoke. Then, after bar close in Minnesota, the place filled up with younger people. The karaoke stopped and dance music started. Inappropriate dancing ensued. I even got beer spilled all over my arm. All I could do was smile. When the Cupid Shuffle came on, (most) everyone knew the dance and started in on it. (Unlike a few months ago in Minnesota when people were still grinding to it. Come on, people!) We got sweaty and danced it out. For those 5 or so songs, I was back at Shenans and I didn’t want it to end. Even though it didn’t last long, the little reminder of something familiar enough to make me smile and hold me over until I can make it there again.

Discovery I made this summer in the garbage can in the bathroom stall at Shenans...sometimes ya just gotta do what ya gotta do
Even Billy Mays loves Shenans

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