ahhhh vacation

The past few days I’ve taken a much needed break from everything. I could sense myself getting overwhelmed with working full time and doing school full time, and rather than snapping, I took some time off. I got out of town for a couple of days and tried not to think about anything useful. I figured it was either that, or I’d freak out on everyone and be a total bitch for the next few months until summer finally comes.

The first day of my vacation, I slept in, which in and of itself was enormously helpful. I braved the fog and drove to EC, where I planned to spend my first couple of days. As soon as I got there,  I found myself rushing from place to place, like I was on a schedule. I had to remind myself that I had no where to be, and that it was ok to slow down and take my time. It’s kind of funny really, and a great example of how our society is – I had to consciously force myself to slow down. Rather than walking at my usual freakishly fast pace, I could actually dawdle. It was awesome. I had lunch at one of my favorite spots (Dooley’s) and then went onto campus to stop and see some old co-workers. The rest of the night I stayed in and just did some reading and tv watching.

Friday morning I woke up early and went off to get a massage. I always think massages are a good idea, and then I actually get one and am reminded how much they hurt. Don’t get me wrong, it felt good, and did help me relax, but man, ouch! I think it means I’m too much of an old lady when I have sore spots everywhere afterwards. I bummed around for awhile, then went to get a manicure, and went down to my favorite park (Phoenix) for a walk. It was freezing and extremely windy, but it was nice to be back there, regardless of the weather. Friday I got to have dinner with Liz and then spend some time on Water St and meet up with Taylor. I think it’s another sign that I’m getting old when I could hardly stay awake and it was only 10pm.

My vacation was semi-ruined on Friday, when I found out a huge snow storm was coming. I had been planning on heading to Minneapolis Saturday morning, but I’m a big baby about snow, so that had me reconsidering my plans. At about 3am Saturday morning, I woke up and was sick, so that pretty much decided things. So after meeting Kayla for breakfast, I headed back to Winona and have been here ever since. Even though I didn’t get to do anything fun for my last few days, there’s something to be said about hanging out in your house and having nothing to do. (Well, not “nothing” since I have a lot of reading I could be doing). I cooked, did laundry, slept in, made cookies, cleaned, got groceries, went for a walk with Chet, and just hung out and watched a few movies.

Tomorrow will be my last vacation day, and I’ll have to go to class at night. Even though I didn’t go on a huge trip, and the snow and being sick ruined half of my plans, I still think these few days were a success. Enough to relax me for a few weeks anyway, hopefully!

I also got some happy news over the past few days… Ryan got engaged and I’ll soon be an auntie to a little baby GIRL! 🙂 Even though I would have been happy either way, I was secretly (or not so secretly) hoping Kim would be having a girl. Not sure why, but that’s what I was hoping for. So tomorrow will be spent going baby shopping. I’m also happy because all of the cute elephant stuff I saw in the stores was pink, so now I know it’s ok to buy it! I’ve also been given the ok to buy Eeyore stuff since they’re doing a Pooh theme, and Eeyore is basically the best one anyway.

I’m so happy that everyone in my life has exciting things going on that I can be a part of since my life is boring. I’m just hoping that this “good vacation feeling” will carry me through the craziness of the next few months until May when school is over. That might be wishful thinking though…



the epic hunt

I’m a baby when I’m sick. I’ll admit it. That said, I’m still no where near as bad as any man I know. There must be some genetic code that turns men into huge wimps when they even have the slightest cold. So I’m not THAT bad, but I’ll admit I am a baby. What I hate even more than being sick is being sick and living alone. Even though no one would take care of me anyway, it’s still comforting to be sick and know someone is around if I need them. This week I got sick again. It started Monday with a sore throat. Tuesday was a worse sore throat, a headache, and the start of a runny nose. By Wednesday, I felt like I was dying. Thursday too. But, by Friday, I can breathe again!

Besides the fact that I’m always just a little bit of a baby when I get sick, I’m just over feeling like crap. The last time I got sick, in August, it lasted until December and wiped me out. So having just been better for about a month, I wasn’t ready for that again. Luckily, it seems to be passing quickly. (Now that I said it, I’ll probably go downhill again, just my luck).

Whenever I get sick I always go on this epic hunt for something to make me feel better. It seems like my old standby cold meds either aren’t available anymore, or don’t work like they used to. When I got mono earlier this fall, which then morphed into a sinus infection and just left me feeling like crap in general, someone recommended that I try Alka-Seltzer, because it always helped them. So I went on the hunt. I didn’t like the idea of drinking something, so I bought tablets. If you’ve never seen the Alka-Seltzer pills, they’re HUGE! I have a hard time swallowing big pills anyway, but I thought I’d try them if they’d help. So Tuesday night I dug out that packet and took one. Bad idea. It got stuck in my throat. After about a half hour and chugging a bunch of water it finally stopped hurting. Wednesday I stopped and got some NyQuil and DayQuil, after a suggestion from someone else. I didn’t like the idea of drinking a syrup, but I figured if I’m able to take nasty shots, I could suck it up and do medicine. Hell, the medicine probably tastes better than some shots I’ve done. (i.e. “Oatmeal Cookie”) I overestimated myself because NyQuil is so gross. After two days of it, I think I’ve discovered a good solution that makes me tolerate it, but still, yuck!

I don’t know if it’s the NyQuil/DayQuil working or just the cold running it’s course, but I am feeling better today. Which is lucky because I don’t know how many more shots of that crap I could handle. Fingers crossed this is almost the end of it though cause I don’t know how much more of it I can handle.