just say yes

My life can be funny sometimes. In an unfortunate, weird kind of way. Take, for instance, the strange way that history seems to repeat itself. The same things seem to happen, just with different people in the mix. An example would be the many douchebags I’ve encountered in the past few years. Even though they’re different, and the situations are different, essentially the same things happen and the end result is always the same. I also find it funny that in the past 2 years or so, about 95% of the people I’ve (or a friend) have met, have one of three names. It’s pretty ridiculous. Also it’s getting to the point that when someone says their name, I have to actively try not to laugh out loud when it is one of the “big three names.” Usually it’s not a good idea to make people think you’re crazy right off the bat.

Last night/this morning I found another example of how my life is random. The other night, I was watching the season premiere of The Real World (shameful, I know) and the “good boy” of the house said something about how whenever he was presented with something that made him feel a little bit uncomfortable, he was just going to say “yes” and do it anyway, because he was in Vegas and needed to experience things. (A good motto if you ask me). So last night, I was out celebrating a friend’s birthday, and decided that was my philosophy for the night. Maybe it was that philosophy or maybe it was just because it was a birthday, but things took a turn. I woke up this morning with a monster headache, but managed to get showered and find some breakfast. While I was eating, I was roaming around on my computer, checking my email, the weather, and then found my way to one of my favorite sites – 1,000 Awesome Things. And this is what I found: Saying Yes Now that’s AWESOME!  (and random)