So… I know I’ve complained about the same things last year, but they still shock me so I’m gonna go ahead and complain again. I don’t understand how probably 75% of the college-aged kids I deal with do not know how to address an envelope. Even those who just graduated from college!!!!!!!!!! Ok, ok, I get it, no one sends letters, they use email. BUT… don’t they still teach kids how to send letters? At 22, nearly 23, I’m not much older than these kids, and I still learned this stuff when I was in school. Even if I hadn’t, I get bills and see how they’re sent. Yeah, yeah, people pay bills online. I guarantee you, these kids get junk mail. They get Dominos fliers, probably once a week. Those can even give you a hint at how to address a piece of mail. At least enough of an idea so you don’t stare at me with a look of terror in your eye when asked to address an envelope. Real examples I’ve been given: name and address written in the upper left (close, but no cigar), Name with Milwaukee, WI written underneath (sorry, but I think Milwaukee is a little too big for them to find you), Zip code written before the city and state, stamps in the wrong corner, no name at all, the list could go on and on. Here’s a picture of a gem from this year. I just want to smack these kids and say, “REALLY??!!! REALLY??!!! This is your best effort? Do you think this will get to you?”


As frustrating and unbelievable as this is to me, I worry for these kids. What if they have to apply for a job or grad school that needs application materials mailed (not emailed) to them. Would they just address it like an idiot? I would HOPE those potential employers/professors would throw away the application, if it even managed to get to them. Would they have their parents do it? I hope any parents would just slap their kid and tell them to grow up. I just don’t understand how people don’t know these things… or even have a slight idea how to do it. This year I had a girl who had just graduated, who had to ask where to put her name and address, so I pointed that out, and then she confidently says, “And the stamp goes in the upper left corner, right?” Um…. no.


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