best week ever

Apparently I never have anything positive to say, so here goes. 🙂

This week has been one of the best weeks ever. Starting Friday night, I was on vacation for a week and so far it’s been a blast. It started with Catfish Days Friday night, basically just dancing it out and drinking beer. One of my favorite things. Then I headed to Madison to see Missy! We checked out Art on the Square, which pretty much made me wish I had lots of money and a big house so I could actually buy their stuff. It also made me wish I was artistic at all… some of the stuff the artists made was just amazing. I can’t even imagine dreaming up something like that. We tried to go to the zoo, and we managed for awhile, but then my sunburn wouldn’t cooperate so we avoided being outside for awhile. At night we went to a comedy club, and in total, it was a really good show. One of my favorite was when an act was describing the difference between a slut and a whore. (Because seriously, they’re not the same!) Whores are capitalists and sluts are just socialists. Think about it. So true!

Art on the Square

On my way to Eau Claire on Tuesday, I got to stop and see Kayla, Andrew, and baby Nathan. He’s such a little cutie! I hadn’t seen Kayla for a few months so it was nice to catch up with her and see her new little family member, and new house. Makes me wish I didn’t live so far away though. Tuesday I was also finally reunited with Lisa after 9 months of not seeing her! Lisa, Liz, and I hit the fan deck at the Express Game, and even though the Express lost, we had a great time. Basically you can’t go wrong with the best seats in the house and free food/drinks and friends. It was so nice to catch up with Liz too since it’s been way too long! Afterwards, Lisa and I hit the town with John and Taylor. The night brought with it some awesome quotes that just solidified how much I love and missed Lisa. Here’s a few of the gems:

“Fuck boys, let’s do shots!” (Our motto for the night, but in reality, we didn’t do many shots)

“Last time I was here I was too drunk to walk up the st-” and then a crash and I get beer spilled all over me as Lisa trips going up the stairs at GI.

“I’m so sorry that we’re so attractive and funny and smart that it intimidates you.” (On why we’re still single)

“I used to think, ‘What kind of girl could do that to someone else?’ And now I realize, oh, right, me.”

“Somehow I became THAT girl.”

Love this view

Wednesday morning I got up and went for a run around Phoenix Park and downtown Eau Claire. Afterwards I hit up the farmers market and got some strawberries and chilled on a bench for awhile. I could seriously have sat there all day. Just reminded me how much I love that city and Phoenix Park. My heart is just so happy whenever I’m there.

❤ always home to me

Since I’ve been back home, I’ve been able to relax a little and hang out with my niece. Wednesday night I went for a nice run and long walk to clear my head a little. I missed how I’m able to do that here where it’s actually quiet.

hanging out with Addison

Tomorrow night is Michelle’s bachelorette party and Saturday is her bridal shower. Super pumped!


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