coming out of hibernation

Wow…. I haven’t written since August. That’s a fairly accurate indication of how crazy these past few months have been for me, in all aspects: work, school, and life. So I apologize to the 3 people who get a kick out of my silly rantings. You know who you are. 🙂

Even though things have been crazy, I honestly have no complaints. Life has also been very, very good to me lately. And hopefully that’s not a jinx. The one major thing I’ve had on my mind for awhile lately is how no one seems to care about anyone else anymore. People are completely rude and always just seem to be looking out for #1, and quite honestly it’s disgusting. There are a few specific instances that have occurred in the last few months that make me feel this way, but I notice it all the time. Even with work… no one seems to have any regard for our time, and sees nothing wrong with failing to show up for an appointment. Annoying. But I haven’t figured out quite yet how to change the mindset of 90% of the population, so I guess I’ll just be annoyed. Luckily, in thinking about this, I realize that I have the best group of friends ever (not that I doubted it) – but we seem to be the only people who actual care about someone other than ourselves. Anyway, with that thought in mind, I wanted to share something one of my professors gave our class and she left our program and the university. This basically portrays how I look at the world and my interactions with others.

A Vow by Theodore Roszak

You and I

We meet as strangers,

each caring a mystery within us.

I cannot say who you are

I may never know you completely

But I trust that you are a person in your own right

possessed of beauty and value

that are the Earth’s richest treasures.

So I make this promise to you:

I will impose no identities on you,

but will invite you to become yourself

without shame or fear.

I will hold open a space for you in the world

and allow your right to fill it

with an authentic vocation and purpose.

For as long as your search takes,

you have my loyalty.