Big Changes

Well, as with every few years it seems, I’ve been going through some big changes lately. In May, I graduated with my Master’s Degree. After having gone to school straight through since I started Kindergarten, and having taken only one or two summers off since starting college, I was definitely ready to be done. I’m still a little confused about what I’m going to do this August though when I should be starting classes again. I think I should be able to adjust just fine though. 🙂 



A few months before graduation, I made the decision to leave my job once I was finished with school. It was a very nerve wracking and difficult choice, but I wanted to take my changes finding a job related to my education. This meant months of job hunting and saying good-bye to my wonderful friends and co-workers in Winona. I hate good-byes, and these were especially tough for me. But I know we’ll all remain friends, just with a little more distance to travel. 







After I left my job, I moved back in with my mom to apply for jobs and go to interviews. So far, I’m handling it. It is very difficult going from living alone for the past few years to living with someone again. I have no privacy and half of my stuff is still in boxes. I’m almost never alone. But, it could be worse. I accepted a job at the local women’s shelter, which will be a very good learning experience. It’s the population I have always wanted to work with, and I think it will be very challenging but rewarding. That also means I’m sticking around here for awhile, which I am a little wary about, but I think it will be fine. I’ll be able to save a lot of money living at home, and I’ll be able to avoid moving for the time being. It will also be nice to see my niece, friends, and Mitch more often. Not being in a long distance relationship for awhile will definitely be a nice change. 



This job seemed to be meant to be. I randomly took a chance and emailed the director to see about opportunities, and as it turned out, they had 2 new openings, just coming available. The timing was too perfect to ignore. It seems like things always work out the way they are supposed to, so maybe this is part of that. 

The other big change going on right now is that I added a new man to my life, Sawyer. He is a 3 month old Springer Spaniel and he’s crazy, but wonderful. He is definitely testing my patience, so I’m thankful he’s a puppy and not a baby. Haha. He’s a pretty good dog though. We’re working on not biting, not jumping, and going into the kennel when I ask him to. He’s actually pretty good at listening when I’m the only one around, but seems to forget everything when Mitch is here. He’s probably just too excited to see someone other than me. He’s a snuggler, and at least for the time being he can still crawl into my lap. I’m expecting that to only last another month or so. 



It seems I can never go too long without big changes….at least things are staying interesting. 🙂


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