3/30 – Relationship with Parents

Question 3: Describe your relationship with your parents

Hmm….my relationship with my parents is fine. My mom and I get along fine, although I think we get a long much better when we don’t live in the same house or see each other everyday. And I don’t think that’s a bad thing. There are plenty of other people I would be annoyed living with. As long as I can get some space, and she can resist the urge to talk to me about how she thinks I have every ailment ever documented, we’ll be alright.

My relationship with my dad is good too, for the most part. We don’t talk much, mostly because everyone is busy, and when nothing major is going on, what’s there to talk about really. But, he has always been supportive of everything I do, and the choices I make. Which really means a lot to me. He doesn’t question the choice and make me listen to a speech about money or insurance¬†or whatever, he just listens and says that as long as I’m sure and I’ll be happy, then that’s what matters.

That’s not to say that my mom isn’t supportive, but it just takes a little convincing. Maybe that’s cause she deals with me on more of a daily basis, or maybe because she’s a worrier. I don’t know. But basically she doesn’t agree with something and then, when things work out alright, or when she realizes I’m going to do it anyway, she admits that maybe it’s a good idea.

My parents and me at my Master’s Graduation

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