13/30 – Weaknesses

Question 13: Describe 5 weaknesses you have.

– I care too much sometimes. In many ways, this isn’t a weakness, but it can be. Usually it just ends up making me stressed out or cranky.

– Sometimes I just like to be alone. This can also go both ways, but I realize it can make people feel bad or like I don’t care. I spend all day talking to people and sometimes I like to go home, be alone, put sweats on, and not have to talk at all.

– I lose my patience easily. This usually doesn’t happen with people, but it sure happens with Sawyer.

– I’m sarcastic. Unfortunately some people don’t get it and probably just think I’m a bitch.

– Not standing up for myself or saying “no” to people. I’ve always struggled with this, but I think I’m getting better. I think I worry about what people will think, or if they’ll be mad. But I’m starting to realize that I can actually do what I want and if people have a problem with it then that’s fine. As for saying no to people, I’m getting better too. Otherwise I end up committing to too many things and end up getting overwhelmed.


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