16/30 – Greatest Accomplishments

Question 16: What are your 5 greatest accomplishments?

– Finishing my master’s degree before I turned 24. I’m maybe a huge nerd, but I’m also okay with that. Better than the alternative.

– Along with that, being done with my bachelor’s before I turned 21. I stuck around another semester to work and apply to grad school, but I didn’t need the credits.

– Being part of a state championship team. This doesn’t mean as much to me as the idea of it did before it actually happened, but very few people in the state can say they’re a state champion, so it is kind of a big deal.

– Making it to 24 without slapping anyone. (Well, not seriously slapping anyone anyway…) I’m running out of ideas, but given some of the incredibly stupid people I’ve dealt with over the past few years, I count this as a win.

– Making a difference in someone’s life. Whether that’s been a big difference or a small difference, it still feels good knowing there are a few people out there who I’ve impacted.


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