20/30 – Three memories

Question 20: Describe 3 significant memories from your childhood.

I have a spotty memory…for some things, like birthdays, phone numbers, addresses, etc., my memory is pretty good. But lately I have a really hard time remembering anything before a few years ago. Memories from anything before junior high are essentially not there anymore. But here are a few things I do remember.

The earliest memory I have, and I’m honestly not even 100% sure it is an actual memory and not just something I imagined, is from Kindergarten at Conrath. I remember being pushed on the spinning playground thing (don’t know what it’s called) by my dad. I know there were other kids on it too, so I’m guessing it was Karlene, Shaylae, or Amanda. I also remember putting wood chips in my eyes so I could go into the “big building” and get my eye flushed and see Mr. Stewart and get a “jump.” I wasn’t a smart kid.

Another memory I have from my childhood is going to Florida to visit my cousins and go to Disney World. It was a really fun trip, especially when I was “chosen” by Merlin to pull the sword out of the stone. They did a whole skit where they asked a big guy to try, and he couldn’t do it so they picked me. I was in like second or third grade, and I was able to do it. So I got a medal and some other stuff, it was pretty neat.

A final big memory from my childhood is when I broke my finger in 5th grade. My cousins and I were at my grandma’s house and we decided to build a “dam” like thing by a stream on the edge of her property. We decided the easiest way to do this was to throw rocks from one person to the next. My brother threw me one that was too big, so my hand fell to the ground, landed on another rock, and was smashed by the one I was trying to catch. It smashed my ring finger. Gory details aside, I broke my finger and lost a fingernail. Groooooosssss.


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