22/30 – Future Plans

Question 22: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years? 15 years?

For as organized and how good of a planner I am, I surprisingly don’t really make 5 and 10 year plans at all. It just seems like a weird thing to be planning out my future. There are too many variables to be even remotely sure that anything will happen. Anyway, here goes a loose plan for the next 15 years of my life.

In 5 years, I’ll be 29 (ack!). I hope to have a job, the “where” and “what” of it to be determined based on a few decisions I make in the next couple months. I’ll likely be either working at a non-profit in the field of domestic violence/sexual assault, be working as a school counselor, or be in a university in admissions, advising, or registration. I will likely be married and, if children are going to be in my future, I will hopefully have gotten started on that so I can avoid being the old, boring, tired mom. I also hope to own a home in 5 years. Addison will be 6 1/2 and (hopefully not) a snotty first grader. My new niece or nephew will be about 4 1/2 and probably adorable. Hopefully there will be many other little kiddos in my life, even if they’re not mine. Sawyer will likely still be crazy and have loads of energy.

In 10 years, I’ll be 34. I think my life will probably be pretty similar to what I thought it would be at the 5 year mark. If I was in a job I didn’t love at 29, I hope by 34 I’m able to find one I do love. I hope I still have my house and my husband. If I do have kids, they’ll be in school (ahhhh!!) by now. Sawyer will be 10 in people years…hopefully he’s still with me and not slowing down too much. Addison will be 11 1/2 and the new kiddos on the way will be almost 10. Hopefully they’ll still think Aunt Kris is cool.

In 15 years, I’ll be 39. As before, I’m sure my life will be pretty similar. Hopefully I will have been able to afford a trip abroad sometime in the next 15 years. I can only hope that I still have my Sawyer. The kids I know now will be teenagers and full of attitude. Not looking forward to that! Given that I generally feel like an 80 year old most days now, I’m sure I will be pretty cripply in 15 years. I foresee lots of Mitch pushing me around in my wheelchair at this point. (OK, hopefully not).


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