I’ve been thinking a lot about karma lately. Once, a few years ago, I did something I shouldn’t have. (Not the only time). For the next several months, I sucked at darts and could never win a game. (As it turns out, I just sort of suck at darts in general, but at this time I was under the illusion that I had skills). This went on for months, and I determined that it must have been karma punishing me for the thing I should not have done. There have been a few other times in my life when I felt like karma was teaching me a lesson – but then the more I think of it the more I question whether karma is a real thing or not. Maybe the result of an action is just the consequences of that action, or of something else that’s going on. This is all too much for me to think about on a Sunday afternoon, but it’s just been swirling around my mind lately.

It’s come up basically because of some news I got a few weeks ago. Someone I don’t like is having a difficult time right now, and I was able to get some pretty intense details about what is going on. I know I shouldn’t feel good about it, because generally I feel bad when others are suffering, but I can’t help but feel like karma has finally caught up with this person. Like, you can only be a shitty person for so long before it will turn on you. Like I said, when I first heard about this, I even said out loud that I felt a little bad, but the friend I was talking to told me to shut up and celebrate the news. And you know what, I did a little. I have a quiet satisfaction knowing that this person got exactly what they deserved. Does that mean I’m a bad person? Maybe it does. As a fellow sufferer of karma’s wrath, I think I’m allowed to take joy in karma sticking it to someone else. It’s just a meaningful lesson that if you’re not a crappy person and don’t make stupid choices, karma will leave you alone.


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