emotional beings

I’m taking some more inspiration from Soul Pancake for today’s writing. Since my emotions have been all over the place lately, I thought it was fitting to spend some time thinking and writing about emotions.

“Your intellect may be confused, but your emotions will never lie to you.” – Roger Ebert

I’ve never really thought about emotions and intellect in that way before. Of course there have been many times over the years when I’ve tried to sort out what my brain is telling me versus what my heart wants. I’ve always been bad at making the right decision, and I suppose that was probably because I went with my heart actually. If I would have listened to reason and logic, I could have avoided a lot of pain. But I guess that’s not the point of the Ebert quote. Is it better to follow your emotions? I also think there have been times in my life when my emotions have clearly been telling me one thing but for some reason I didn’t listen. And that seemed to cause problems too. I guess it just seems like I can never make the right decision….

The book also raises the question of why does revenge feel so good….I’m not really big on revenge. I tend to just get over things and not waste too much energy caring about what goes on with the other party involved. But, I think revenge feels good because it’s a little reminder that people get what they deserve and that karma does exist. When someone does something to hurt you, not matter how much you can say you’re over it, it always feels a little satisfying when you hear that something equally bad happened to that person. I won’t deny that I’ve had those feelings. I wouldn’t intentionally do something to get back at another person, but I will silently celebrate when karma pays them a visit.

Is happiness a choice? I think so. Happiness is definitely something that you need to experience and feel, but at some level, it is a choice. Things can be going “perfectly” in ones life, but yet they can be miserable. They are choosing not to experience that happiness. Or, maybe it’s just a matter of individual differences. Things that should bring happiness to one person might  not have the same effect on everyone. To truly experience happiness, I think people need to be open to it and have the ability to be content with what they have, rather than always wanting something more or different.

The final question posed in the book is: What emotions are you afraid of? I’m afraid of anger. I used to be angry a lot, and I didn’t like the way it made me feel or act. I hope to avoid feeling that way again. I’ve also never really liked when anyone was angry with me, it always makes me feel really bad. I’m also afraid of anxiety, feeling under appreciated, and sadness. I would prefer never to feel any of those things again.


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