the music of my life

Daily Prompt: What role does music play in your life?

My last attempt at this post disappeared somewhere…so let’s try this again.

When I started thinking about this prompt, I was reminded of the movie “Runaway Bride.” Richard Gere’s character gets after Julia Robert’s character for changing her egg preferences depending on who she was with. With one fiancé, she liked her eggs over easy, with another, scrambled, and so on. That is sort of how my musical taste has gone. When I was younger, I liked whatever was on the radio, including the Backstreet Boys and 98 Degrees. (I still know all the words, I’m not ashamed). Anyway, my tastes began to change as soon as I started dating people. At first, I liked darker music, then it was punk rock, then metal again, indy, etc. This didn’t really change until I became my own person, which unfortunately was much later than it should have been. Now, I’m a bit of a music whore, I love all kinds of music. I especially like alternative rock, indy (“hipster”) music, and any music with really intense lyrics. I prefer musicians who write their own music, because everything else seems like a little bit of a lie. There are times when I want to listen to nothing more than pop music with a fun beat I can dance to. However, my soul music is classic rock. I just love it. Basically anything from the 70s-80s…and some from the early 90s, makes me so happy.

I love how there is music for every mood. So many of my memories are linked to the music I was listening to at that time. I love how I can listen to a song I haven’t heard in ten years and I can remember what I was doing and how I was feeling when I heard it last. I love that I can find the perfect song to express how I’m feeling at any given moment. When I’m stressed out and need a pick-me-up, I can put on Ke$ha or Pitbull and dance it out. When I’m feeling sad or cranky, I know just what to listen to to either make me feel better, or let me sit and sulk. I am listening to music constantly…I have Pandora on all day at work, I throw music on while I’m working at home, when I had homework, when I’m working out, when I’m driving, basically all day except when I’m sleeping. I would be so lost without music, and so many of my memories would be incomplete without the music they are associated with.

There’s nothing better for me than opening up my iTunes and finding the perfect song for my day.


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