difference of opinion

The other day, a post showed up on my Facebook news feed from a kid I went to high school with. He said, “I can’t believe how fast the world has been changing With gay rights. I see it in the malls, American idol, The new normal…. Come on people get real. The Bible is a blue print to live your life. Read it.”

Ugh. I instantly got ready to respond…and then I started to second guess myself. I paused because 1) I’m not even friends with this person, 2) I knew I wouldn’t be able to influence his opinion in any way, 3) I didn’t feel like getting preached at. However, as I thought about it more, I did decide to respond, because it drives me nuts when people make comments like this. Also, about three people commented before me with variations of, “WAY TO GO!!!” and “TOTALLY AGREE!!” – and about 8 people “liked it.”

Here was my response – “Doesn’t the bible also talk about loving everyone? And treating others the way you would want to be treated?”

To which he replied, “Yes kris that’s what I’m supose to do and not judge anyone but I know what right and wrong from reading the Bible and I know I’m not judgeing when the gay come out of saying that I’m gay.” Also, “Read Genesis 19.”

Now, looking at the thread again, many more people approved of his statements, but there were a few who disagreed. I decided not to dive into it any further. My internal responses to his argument are going to be the basis for this post. 

Just as the grammar freak in me, I wish I could tell him to also maybe grab a dictionary and learn how to use proper spelling and punctuation. It’s not even totally clear what he is trying to say, and it is annoying to have to try to sift through a statement to figure out the meaning just because the writer can barely form a coherent thought while writing. But that’s besides the point.

He says that he’s “not judging” people for being gay…but isn’t labeling something as “right or wrong” judgment? Whether those definitions of right and wrong come from the Bible or your own personal feelings, wrong = bad, strange, gross, not normal, deserving of punishment and right = good, proper, normal, the way everyone should be. So, say all you want that you aren’t judging people for being gay, but you are. And I don’t think that’s something God would like. Although who knows, maybe when they talk about loving your neighbor as yourself and treating others the way you would want to be treated in the Bible, there is an asterisk that leads down to a footnote that says, “*well, except all those gays.”

From what I remember of growing up going to church, youth group, Bible camp, and confirmation classes, God was the one who created everyone, and everyone was created perfectly. Is this another asterisk moment in the Bible? God made everyone perfectly, except those who happen to be gay? Oh wait – that’s right, people are actively choosing to follow the Devil and lead a life of sin, right? Let me ask you this – how many people do you know that would choose to live a life that meant they would be bullied, discriminated against, looked down on, denied rights of marriage and parenthood, be called disgusting, lose relationships with friends and family, and have to struggle to defend who they are? Probably no one. 

The original poster responded to someone else’s comment, saying that the acceptance of gays is already causing problems – he can see it in the cities and with all the disasters and shootings that have been happening lately. Like God is punishing the U.S. society for being accepting of gays. If God was so upset about it, to the point of punishing someone, wouldn’t he just wipe out all the gay people? Do another flood or something about just make sure everyone makes it onto the Ark except LGBT people and those who support them? Seems like that would be easier than punishing a bunch of “innocent” people.

Another important aspect of the original post that should be addressed is the idea that the world is changing “so fast with gay rights.” Are you kidding me?! How FAST it’s been changing?! It’s 2013 and fewer then 10 states allow same-sex couples to get married. Television shows with same-sex couples are just starting to show up on national networks. Yes, opinions have been changing, and people are becoming more accepting, and as a society, we are more accepting than we used to be. But this has been no where near a fast change. I’ve spent a year of my life doing research on this very topic, and I can assure you, opinions have not changed very drastically, but rather it is a slow process.

When I found the thread again today for this post, more people were commenting about how “God made man and woman to procreate and that if everyone all of a sudden started turning gay and lesbian then the population would go extinct.” Luckily, someone responded to that gem. She said that being gay is not contagious and it’s not something that we’re all going to “catch.” This should be common sense, but apparently not. And it also ignores all of the heterosexual couples that also aren’t having kids. I wonder if the person who made that comment is also worried that we’ll go extinct because more and more people aren’t choosing to have children? I suppose he’s not worried because everyone he knows is having loads of children because they don’t believe in birth control.

It makes me so mad when people use religion to back up all of their ideas. Yes, everyone has a right to believe whatever they want to believe, and back up those opinions however they want. BUT, it doesn’t seem fair to pick and choose pieces of the Bible to support your ideas, and then just ignore other parts that don’t fit. I tend to think it’s better to be more informed and pull from many different sources to form an opinion.

The one question I wanted to ask the Facebook friend who posted this comment – What happens if when you have a child, he/she is gay? What then? Will your opinions change – or will you disown them? Or try to “cure” them? Because, you know what, I’m betting you it won’t work. 

Something to think about. 


4 thoughts on “difference of opinion

  1. Remember Harold Camping? Predicted the end of the world a few times and was wrong, a lot? According to the bible, he should be hung and stoned to death for being a false prophet. Never happened.

    Westburo Baptists spread their message and glorify the death of essentially everyone because god hates fags, loves dead soldiers, loves dead children and making them all martyrs of his wrath. I don’t see any of these things in the bible.

    Jesus himself hung out with the poor/theives/prostitutes right? And loved them all.Even died for them .

  2. Also, not to beat the dead horse here, the bible claims the skin of a pig is unclean and should not be touched. Know what they make footballs out of?

  3. it’s just a matter of people taking what they want to believe and saying it’s law, and then ignoring everything else.
    His comments about all the disasters and killings really reminded me of the Westboro Baptists….and I would not be surprised at all if he believed a lot of the same things.

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