having pride

I’ve gotten to the point where I seem to be lacking inspiration again, so I decided to do another question series. This one I’m taking from the Marc and Angel Hack Life blog. You can find the original post here. I think maybe this will help a bit with my current mid-life crisis as well, because they’re supposed to “help you discover the very best in yourself.” Here goes…

1. What would make you proud of yourself?

It would make me proud of myself if I was able to live a life that serves others, and improves the lives of those around me. I know that I’m meant to be working in a field that helps others, in one way or another. I would also be proud of myself if I ever learn to finally say what I’m thinking and feeling. I’ve struggled with this for as long as I can remember, and it’s not getting any easier. I hope to someday master that, and if I can do it, I’ll be incredibly proud of myself. I think the struggle is that I’m worried about how my thoughts and feelings are going to effect others, and I guess I will eventually need to learn that sometimes it’s necessary to put myself first. 

I also want to live in a way that everyone I meet feels like I treated them with openness, respect and empathy, even if we had disagreements. If I could leave this world being known as a respectful, open, honest, warm person, I would feel immense pride. 


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