Continuing on my quest to become a more self-actualized person…

Question 3: What are you trying to accomplish and why?

When I read this question, I had no idea how to answer it. In the paragraph describing what this question is all about, there’s one line that stuck out at me. “You must identify, without any doubt, the specific reason you do the work you do.” I’ve struggled with this on and off in my life, and for me, right now, doing the work I do is a stepping stone. I do enjoy it, some parts more than others, but it was never meant to be a forever job. I enjoy helping people and I enjoy the parts of my job that allow me to work in the schools, but this is a temporary thing.

I’m doing this work so I can get to where I really want to be. I’m *still* trying to figure out where it is that I really want to be, but I think I have two very good options ahead of me. In my current job, the focus is mostly about helping people after violence has already occurred. What I want to focus my energy on is prevention – trying to stop abuse or violence from ever happening. I know it’s probably unrealistic, but my hope is that some day there will be no need for shelters because women and children won’t be abused and need to leave their homes. I hope to be able to empower young girls so that they are able to trust themselves to get out of a situation when it doesn’t feel right.

I’ve often thought that the thing I want most is to make other people’s lives better or easier. I think that’s still true – but right now I am in the process of figuring out how to make my life better. Figuring out what it is that I want to accomplish is a big step in that process, and I’m constantly working on it.


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