Question 4: What roadblocks are standing in your way?

I’m assuming this question relates to what I’m trying to accomplish that I answered in my last post, but I suppose it could be about many other things. When it comes to what I want to accomplish with the rest of my life career wise, a few roadblocks come to mind. The first is fear. Whenever I make a big decision, fear creeps in. I worry that I’ll make the wrong decision and that I’ll end up wishing for something else. I get scared every time I need to move somewhere new. I worry that I’ll hate it, that I won’t meet anyone, and that I’ll just wish to be where I came from.

I also think laziness plays a role. Especially right now, when going back to school is an option, I cannot even express how much I don’t want to have homework again. After going to school non-stop from age 5 to 23, this break has been incredible, and it’s sickening to think about going back, even if it’s the right thing for me, and even if it’s only for four classes.

Another roadblock that is an annoyance in many aspects of my life is what when I’m really busy, it’s basically impossible for me to relax – and that leads to bad headaches. The headaches then lead to crankiness and decreased productivity, which then leads to more stress. Vicious cycle, but I’m trying to figure it out.


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