internal issues

Question 7: What issues do you need to resolve with yourself? 

The description under this question was all about being lonely and learning how to be alone without being sad. I don’t have any issues being alone; I’ve been alone and lived alone for most of my adult life, and I enjoy it. So, moving in a different direction, I need to work on being more aware of my feelings and dreams. I also need to become more assertive in asking for what I want, and rejecting what I don’t. I need to learn to trust more and be more open. I need to work on my deeper baggage I carry with me, but I’m in the process of doing that already. I guess another thing i should work on with myself is being more comfortable being with other people and not getting my “alone time.” I think I got so used to living alone that I really need time to myself to recharge, and when that’s not possible, I get really cranky. I’m not always going to be able to get time to myself, so I will need to figure something else out so I’m not a huge bitch all the time.


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