discovering myself – final questions

I’ve decided I am ready to be done “discovering the very best in myself” so I’m going to breeze through the last three questions tonight. If you’re coming into this late, I decided to tackle the “10 Questions You Should Know the Answers To” from the Marc and Angel Hack Life blog. Here we go, questions 8-10. 

Question 8: How are you burdening yourself?

I think I’ve sort of answered this question already, but the major burden I feel is worrying about the future. Because my life has been so focused on school, it’s impossible for me not to worry about what I’m going to do with my life. I’ve always made decisions based on where they will lead me later on. I wish I could live more in the moment, and for normal day-to-day stuff I usually can, but whenever I have a major decision on the horizon I am very future focused. 

I also need to be in control of many aspects of my life. It’s really difficult for me to allow anyone else to take the lead. I like to have plans and don’t really enjoy spontaneity. It makes me nervous when I don’t know what’s coming next or where I’m going. I am working on sorting out the reasons why I am this way so hopefully that will change soon. 

Question 9: How have you celebrated your success lately?

The last time a success of mine was celebrated was my master’s graduation, a year ago, but that was also probably my last big success. 

Question 10: What do you love about your life?

I love all of the people in my life – I really do have the most amazing friends and family, and I am so grateful for them. I love spending time with my niece and watching her grow up. I also love seeing my nephew grow and change from week to week, even though he just mostly sleeps and eats at this point. I love aspects of my job, especially the time I get to spend in the school with some of my favorite students. I love all that I’ve been able to accomplish by the age I’m at – and I’m excited to see what the future will hold for me both personally and professionally. I love that I’m able to be independent and don’t have to rely on others. Finally, I love my dog, my treadmill, and my bed. 


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