getting over the plague

I’ve been pretty MIA lately, and I’ve made a sort-of commitment to myself to write on a regular basis, so I’ll do another mini life update of sorts. The past few weeks have been really busy at work, preparing for my replacement. She started a week and a half ago, so my days have been filled mostly with training, mixed with sitting around watching to make sure she’s doing things right. It’s not very exciting. 

I also caught the baby plague from my niece and nephew, so that knocked me out for almost two weeks. If you’re around children at all, you know that catching an illness from a child is one of the worst things ever. What is a measly little cold for a 2 year old is a full-blown-I-feel-like-dying illness for an adult, that lasts way longer. I got the full range of sickness – started with a sore throat, then my nose was so congested I couldn’t breathe or sleep for a few days, then it moved to my chest and turned into a cough, followed by more congestion and crap stuck in my throat. Needless to say, it has not been a fun couple of weeks. 

I wrapped up my middle school girl’s group this week as well. The girls all had nice things to say and all kept saying that I needed to come back again next year, even though they know I’m moving and heading back to school. It was cute. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if they really enjoyed the group, or if they just liked it because it got them out of class. Maybe I’ll never know, but it’s been fun for me regardless. We made a little party out of it and just said goodbye. I wrote all the girls personalized thank you notes, and was able to see their expressions when they opened and read them. One girl started smiling as she made her way down, seeing what I wrote. That made the whole semester worth it for me. 

I’m also just a few weeks away from moving again. After I wrap things up at my job next week, it’ll be time to pack up all my stuff again and make the move. I hate moving, and this time feels especially weird. I didn’t think I’d be able to survive being at home this past year, but it’s really been alright. It will be strange always coming home to an empty house, not having the giggles of a 2 year old filling the silences, and getting used to being a student again. I’ll be back to living two and a half hours away from home and not seeing my family more than probably once a month. I’ll have to do homework again and sit through classes. I’ll miss big parts of seeing my nephew grow up and I won’t get to have all the simple pleasures of seeing my niece all the time – like reading her books, having her watch me exercise, and hearing her say, “Kris, come here.” This makes me so sad. 

I know that making the move and going back to school will be the right thing in the long run, but it’s still a strange feeling. I have no desire to sit through classes or do homework again, but I suppose it’s part of the whole process. I’m just excited to get to the point where I’m done making lots of changes, can settle into my life, and finally stay in one spot for more than a few years at a time. 


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