30 Day About Me: Day 8

Day 8: Short-term goals for this month and why

  • Complete the Dirty Girl 5k – because I’ve never competed in an actual 5k before and I think it will be a lot of fun. I would regret not doing it.
  • Not care so much what other people think – I know this isn’t a specific or measurable goal, but it’s something I constantly struggle with. I need to learn when to just cut ties and stop caring.
  • Stop going out as much – since I moved back here, I’ve been slowly creeping back towards some bad habits. I need to knock that shit off.
  • Along with that, do not get into the habit of drinking my feelings – it’s not healthy and it never has the intended effect.
  • Sign up for a color run – In the process of getting a team together. It’ll be so much fun!
  • Try not to be too anxious about starting school again – I’m nervous about it, even though realistically I know I’ll be fine. It just seems like a good portion of my brain died last year since I wasn’t using it. 

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