here i go again…

Tomorrow brings the start of something I thought I was done with: school. When I finished my Master’s Degree in May 2012, I really thought I was done with school. I was burned out and ready to be finished with the working full time/going to school full time lifestyle. A few months later, I was already starting to change my mind and consider going back. I spent a year working in a domestic violence shelter, which is a setting I always thought I wanted to be in. As part of that experience, I finally got a more clear idea of what I wanted to do with my life and also discovered the courage to go for it. Over the last year I was able to facilitate a middle school girls group, as well as spend some time tutoring middle and high school students in my former school. Through those experiences I realized that I want my career to be in that setting, as a school counselor. 

School counseling was something I never considered as my future. I would get so annoyed when I’d tell someone I was getting my master’s in counseling and they would instantly say, “oh guidance counseling?” like there were no other types of counseling. I would literally have to explain different settings that counselors could work in because people had no idea. I never even thought I liked being around kids. All of a sudden one day it just clicked for me and I knew. All my previous research has been tailored around working with middle and high school kids but for some reason I didn’t put two and two together until I actually started to interact with students over the last year. 

I’m so excited to begin this phase of my life, but also just waiting until the next two years are other. I don’t want to have homework again or go back to being crazy busy all the time. I only need a few classes, so it won’t be horrible, but I’ve gotten so used to having free time that I think it’ll take me awhile to adjust. 

Fingers crossed that this time is seriously the last time I have my first day of school, as a student anyway.


2 thoughts on “here i go again…

  1. Good luck! I am in the middle of my Bachelor’s degree and today is the first day of SP3, so I completely understand the feeling. There is something so daunting, yet so full of promise, about the first day of school.

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