dream job

Day 7 – What’s your dream job?

I think I missed a day…. but I’m really excited to talk about this topic today. That’s because I’m so lucky to be doing my dream job every day! I’m a School Counselor and it’s run, challenging, heart-breaking, rewarding, and so much more. All of those things every single day. If you would have asked me 10 years ago if I’d be a School Counselor I would have laughed and said never in a million years. I didn’t think I wanted to work with kids, and I was sort of revolting against working in education since that’s what pretty much all of the women in my family have done/currently do. I just wasn’t going to work in a school, period.

Well, fast forward to the end of grad school in 2012…when I’m realizing that all of my research has been related to working with teens. I needed to be done with school, so I just pushed the feelings down and graduated. Then I worked for a year at a domestic violence shelter and through that process got to go into my old high school to work with middle school girls. I loved it. That experience pretty much solidified my decision that I needed to go BACK to grad school to get a school counseling license. Thankfully I had a ton of support and encouragement, and now here I am!

Now if we’re talking non-realistic, never.going.to.happen.but.I.can.dream jobs, then I’d LOVE to own a bar/resort that has live music. I love live music in small venues and I think it would be the most fun job ever. It will never happen, but it would be something I’d really enjoy. For a nerdy dream job, I’d also love to be a book editor. Getting paid to read –  what could be better?!

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 12.46.20 PM
I can’t say I give too many hugs as a high school counselor, but otherwise it’s me! Haha.

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