the times they are a changin’

It seems that I haven’t written anything at all in 2015…. so far this year has been crazy busy, full of ups and downs, and a year for changes.

In early May, I accepted a job at a school in a town I had never even been to. Going into my job search, I took the approach that whatever position I was offered would be where I was supposed to end up. I interviewed for the position over Skype, and at the end of the interview, was told they wanted to offer me the position. I took a leap of faith and accepted, trusting that it would be the right thing for me. A month after accepting the position, I visited the town  and school for the first time, and about another month later, I moved. My closest friends are at least 4 hour away, and most of my family is at least 5.5 hours away.

So far, it’s been a mixture of boring, busy, and lonely. I’ve had a few days at school, which have been really busy and mostly overwhelming. There’s so much to learn and only limited time to learn it. I hate that part of starting a new job where you just feel so stupid all the time. My colleagues are all awesome though, so that helps. The days I haven’t been at school and haven’t been unpacking, I’ve mostly been lonely. I know that I’ll meet people once school starts, but until then I’m missing my friends. I’m going to force myself to go out places by myself and try to be friendly, but that’s definitely way out of my comfort zone.

Despite all of this, I’m so excited for this next stage of my life. I’m thrilled to finally be done with grad school (again) and to be starting my career. It’s been a long time coming and I’m excited to finally get into a school and get into the swing of things.