30 Day About Me: Day 8

Day 8: Short-term goals for this month and why

  • Complete the Dirty Girl 5k – because I’ve never competed in an actual 5k before and I think it will be a lot of fun. I would regret not doing it.
  • Not care so much what other people think – I know this isn’t a specific or measurable goal, but it’s something I constantly struggle with. I need to learn when to just cut ties and stop caring.
  • Stop going out as much – since I moved back here, I’ve been slowly creeping back towards some bad habits. I need to knock that shit off.
  • Along with that, do not get into the habit of drinking my feelings – it’s not healthy and it never has the intended effect.
  • Sign up for a color run – In the process of getting a team together. It’ll be so much fun!
  • Try not to be too anxious about starting school again – I’m nervous about it, even though realistically I know I’ll be fine. It just seems like a good portion of my brain died last year since I wasn’t using it. 

30 Day About Me: Day 7

Day 7: A picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you.



This is my little niece, spaghetti face. 🙂 She has had a major impact on my life – she was the first baby I spent any great amount of time around. Before she was born, I wasn’t ever really a “baby person” and didn’t gush over them like most people do. I could have really cared less. When she was born, I got to experience babies from the very first day. I got to see how much they change and grow, see the first smiles, hear those first giggles, and enjoy the hugs and kisses from little ones. She basically showed me that babies were alright and that I could be trusted not to break them. Haha. She’s still showing me so much and I love seeing her grow up. She’s helped me become a better person, someone that she would be proud to call her aunt. She also got me used to kids, so when my nephew was born, I felt more comfortable with him. I’m so happy to have her in my life. 

30 Day About Me: Day 6

Day 6: Your favorite superhero and why.

Can I say that I don’t have a favorite superhero? I never really got into comics or superhero movies….

The only movies I’ve ever really liked were the later Batman movies — the Dark Knight ones. So I suppose that would be my obvious choice. Maybe I’ll need to spend some time researching and actually pick a favorite. I do like that Batman doesn’t kill people though. I had spiders so Spiderman is out based on his name/characteristics alone. *shiver*

30 Day About Me: Day 5

Day 5: A picture of somewhere you’ve been to.

I wasn’t able to find a picture online to do this place justice, and I went there before I had a laptop so unfortunately I have no digital copy of any of my pictures. But my absolute favorite place I’ve ever visited has to be Switzerland. I’m dying to go back – if I can get myself to tolerate that long of a plane ride. We went to several different cities in Switzerland, and they were all breath-taking to me. I love that you can see mountains all around, surrounded by the most clear blue water I’ve ever seen. It’s so gorgeous and was definitely my favorite country we visited on that trip. 

30 Day About Me: Day 4

Day 4: A habit you wish you didn’t have.

I don’t really have any incredibly bad or destructive habits, so there really isn’t an obvious answer to this question. I guess the one thing I’ve noticed lately is that I don’t really check price tags when I go shopping. I kind of just buy whatever I want regardless of how much it costs. I should really break this habit because it’s not like I have tons of money to spare. I guess I always just think that if it’s something I really want I’ll buy it anyway, regardless of price (to a certain point anyway). 

I can pretty much say I’ve successfully broken any of my other bad habits – so I guess I can’t complain if this is the only one!

30 Day About Me: Day 3

Day 3: A picture of you and your friends

I couldn’t pick just one group of friends…so here’s a few:

We mustache you a question about the bachelorette/birthday party.
My go-to for amazing breakfast dates and the best advice, as well as a good bitch session. 🙂
My amazing co-workers who turned into best friends. I don’t know what I would do without these two. They keep me sane and help me make the right decisions.
Proof that if you unlock someone’s door enough times, you become friends. My life here would not be complete without her.

30 Day About Me: Day 2

Day 2: The meaning behind your blog name

kristinarenae is part of my name, and probably the name I would use if I ever decided to actually write something. It’s sort of funny because nobody calls me by my full name yet that was the name I chose. I chose “my crazy beautiful life” as a descriptor, because that’s basically what this blog started out as. Just random mumblings about my joke of a life, pretty much so I would have something to look back on. I’m all about documenting my life, whether that’s through this blog, random journaling, or photos. I have this feeling that I 1) either won’t make it to old age and want to leave memories for my family or 2) won’t be able to remember anything about my life when I get old so I want things preserved somewhere. My life is crazy, ridiculous, and a joke most of the time, but it’s also very beautiful and full of laughter, love, and happiness, so the tag line is fitting. I also like Ke$ha more than I’d like to admit…